Brandon Lockhart

Brandon’s international sourcing and strategy expertise provides the personal and data-driven analysis necessary for connecting products, brands and/or individuals with their audiences. From “frustration to idea to concept to patenting prototypes,” Brandon enjoys the thrill of bringing new products to market.

While working and studying in Seoul, Brandon met his Australian business partner, Adam Conwell.

Adam Joshua Conwell

Adam is a passionate leader whom specializes in the cross-cultural challenges facing the modern business landscape.

His specialty is training and managing large groups of people who have different experience levels, professional backgrounds and levels of education. Managing in this context requires a special attention to detail and a commitment to long term strategy.

Adam’s experience working in global roles with Samsung Electronics and Huawei Technologies brings an intensive intercultural experience to ensure continued, optimal outcomes.

Meejin Moon

A skilled problem solver, Meejin is proficient in Python, Java, Matlab, AutoCAD, 3ds MAX, Illustrator and Verilog. She specializes in analyzing and designing circuits and testing software and hardware design. She values working with diverse groups of people with different technical abilities.

She is currently studying electrical engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle.


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